Tactile Model

Morning, Evening, Day, Night

What are Morning, Evening, Day, and Night? Morning, Evening, Day, and Night are 4 sculptural groups that were supposed to be set on the lower terrace of the Fountain of Life and symbolically mean the stages of life. Only plaster models have been made, with the exception of Day cast in bronze at the Fonderia […] Read More

Male Nude and Female Nude with two Little Children on Horse at step, The Prayer

What do the two Nudes and The Prayer represent? Two equestrian statues on high pedestal were symmetrically placed in the lower terrace of the Fountain of Life. These statues depict a male nude and a female nude, each of them put on a horse at step bearing upon their shoulders a baby (F-G). Two more […] Read More

Love, Progress of Humanity, the Joy of Living, the Step

  What project do these works belong to? These works were part of the World Centre of Communication and were supposed to be located on the upper terrace of the Fountain of Life. The Joy of Living (K) and The Step (L) were exposed to the public in 1911, on the occasion of the International […] Read More