Project “Museo Facile” Collection civica Giuseppe Albano of Putignano

Project  “Museo Facile” Collection civica Giuseppe Albano of Putignano    The installation of the civic collection of sculptures by Giuseppe Albano in the former stable of the palace of prince Guglielmo Romanazzi Carducci of Santo Mauro di Putignano, one of the main architectural and museum emergencies in the province of Bari, offers the opportunity to […] Read More

Museo Facile

Museo Facile Instruments of the Collezione Civica Giuseppe Albano of Putignano         Museo Facile seeks to make art collections more direct and accessibile to all audiences through: Simplified content Interpretive materials along the way Easily legible texts Recorded descriptive guides and videos in Italian Sign Language (LIS)     TECHNOLOGICAL ASSISTANT Museums Facile’s interpretive […] Read More

Head of an Elderly Man

 Head of an Elderly Man 1930  Bronze Cm 20x35x24 Head of an Elderly Man 1930  Chalk Cm 20x35x24

Portrait of the Painter Felice Carena

Portrait of the Painter Felice Carena 1933  Bronze Cm 22x40x27   Portrait of the Painter Felice Carena 1933 Chalk Cm 22x40x27

Other portraits

  Portrait of King Vittorio Emanuele III, 1938 Bronze Cm 29x43x25 Portrait of Vincenzo Albano 1942 Bronze Cm 20x43x27   Portrait of the painter Rocco Caretta 1940 Bronze Cm 21x33x25     Portrait of the publisher Giovanni Laterza 1940-1950 ca. Chalk Cm 60x45x40 Portrait of general Giulio Douhet 1955 Chalk Cm 53x27x34  

Object Lables from 34 to 47

34. Prudentia Impetum Moderor 1950 Chalk  35. Allegoria della Musica e del Teatro 1930- 1940  Chalck 36. Portrait of General Riccardo Moizo 1951  Chalk  37. Portrait of King Vittorio Emanuele III 1840-950  Chalk    38. Portait of the Writer Michele Risolo 1955  Chalk 39. Hercules 1921 Chalk  40. The Veil- Cinere Mersa Iacet Effossa Refulger 1948  Chalk  41. Portait of The […] Read More

Medals and plaque

 Medals and plaques Exhibited here are some bas-reliefs – medals and plaques of various sizes – made by Giuseppe Albano and his master Domenico Trentacoste. Giuseppe Albano’s medal art includes numerous examples of intimate and realistic portraits of his friends and relatives, such as his parents, Vincenzo and Giulia Albano, the intellectual Ugo Ojetti and […] Read More

The collection of the workers

The collection of the workers The sculptures here exposed – all of them small in size and made of bronze, chalk or waxed chalk – are representations of jobs represented by young strong and brawny men, focused on their activities as manual labourers in the typical ways portrayed by the art of the Fascist era. […] Read More

The portraits

The portraits Giuseppe Albano’s talent in portraits can be observed in the heads made in chalk, bronze and terracotta, between the 1920s and the 1960s. There are numerous portraits of his family, of important fellow citizens, of humble people. Extremely realistic are the Portrait of the Tuscan painter Felice Carena, Giuseppe Albano’s professor at the […] Read More

His full-length and half-length sculptures

His full-length and half-length sculptures The group of artworks in the round exhibited in the middle of the hall sums up Giuseppe Albano’s artistic path: from Domenico Trentacoste’s influence to the inclination towards a “return to order” – starting from the 1920s, when the fascist regime was already fully established – whose objective is to […] Read More

His education and artistic activity

 His education and artistic activity Giuseppe Albano (Putignano, 4th April 1899–23rd November 1967). Gifted in drawing, from an early age he learns the ropes of stonemasonry by his father, a builder. He takes part in the First World War. In 1926 he graduates in Sculpture at the Accademia delle Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) […] Read More

The Civic Collection “Giuseppe Albano”

The Civic Collection “Giuseppe Albano” These halls house the Permanent Exhibition of the artworks by Giuseppe Albano, an artist from Putignano. There are over one hundred pieces that Albano himself donated to the municipality in 1968. They are accompanied by about seventy artworks by the sculptor Domenico Trentacoste, Albano’s friend and master, from whom he […] Read More

Renato Ranaldi

Renato Ranaldi was born in Florence in 1941, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1962. After a first phase of painting, he began to experiment with a variety of techniques from the end of the 1960s, taking part in Andrea Granchi and Sandro Chia’s Integral Music Theater and measuring himself up […] Read More

Cristina Pizzarro

Cristina Pizarro was born in 1947 in Santiago de Chile. After studying art at the University of Chile, she went to Europe in 1975. This experience, along with trips to the United States, lead her to deepen her personal practice and the sculptural language of the recent and remote past. Since the 1980s, the artist […] Read More

Klaus Munch

Klaus Münch was born in Freiburg in 1953. After completing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara and the Academy of Munich, he decided to embrace Italy as his country of residence. In contact with cultural spheres of Turin, he turned his attention to artists such as Mario Merz and Gilberto Zorio, […] Read More

Vittorio Messina

Vittorio Messina (born in Zafferana Etnea, CT, in 1946) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Architecture of Rome. He begins his career in 1978-1979 with a solo exhibition at Sant’Agata dei Goti, an experimental space for Rome’s burgeoning art scene. In the 1980’s, his work focused on the environmental dimension […] Read More