Medals and plaques

Exhibited here are some bas-reliefs – medals and plaques of various sizes – made by Giuseppe Albano and his master Domenico Trentacoste.

Giuseppe Albano’s medal art includes numerous examples of intimate and realistic portraits of his friends and relatives, such as his parents, Vincenzo and Giulia Albano, the intellectual Ugo Ojetti and the writer and journalist Michele Risolo from Lecce, in addition to celebrative and mythological funeral tondi commissioned by Italian nobles, intellectuals and high-ranking officials. The Annunciation and the :

Crucifixion bas-reliefs, bearers of a strong emotional and religious appeal, were commissioned and sculpted in 1955 to decorate one of the new bronze bells for Giotto’s Bell Tower in Florence.

Domenico Trentacoste also crafted plaque portraits of the actress Emma Gramatica, the soprano Lina Cavalieri and his partner Marguerite Herbillon.