Marble Inlay (opus sectile): a mosaic technique using various kinds of cut, marble slabs (hence the name opus sectile, Latin for “cut work”). Once cut, the slabs are shaped and juxtaposed without leaving intermediate spaces, creating a variety of geometric and figurative (especially floral) images.

Meander pattern: an ornamental border of Greek origin characterized by one or more parallel lines folded at right angles several times to form a repeating pattern.

Mosaic with gold leaf: an artistic technique already in use in Roman times making use of mosaic tesserae made of glass paste.  These tesserae are generally red or a color ranging from yellow to green, coated on the visible side with a thin layer of gold, and then protected externally by a thin plate of transparent glass.

Mosaic: an ancient artistic technique characterized by the juxtaposition of small elements (tesserae), which can be of different materials (marble, stone, glass pastes), arranged to create a design to decorate floors, walls and ceilings.