Museo Facile, Museums Made Easy

Instruments  for the Places of the Castle and the City of Gaeta 



Museo Facile seeks to make art collections more direct and accessibile to all audiences through:

  • Simplified content
  • Interpretive materials along the way
  • Easily legible texts
  • Recorded descriptive guides and videos in Italian Sign Language (LIS)

Museums Facile’s interpretive materials are equipped with QR-Codes to enhance your visit.  With the help of your electronic devices, smartphones or tablets, you can access further audio-visual materials to help you get more out of your visit with:

  • In-depth texts
  • Archival photographs
  • Materials in Italian Sign Language

To access this wider selection of materials with the QR-Code, you can download one of the many, free applications available online.  When you scan the QR-Code, the system will send you directly to the website and its interpretive materials.  For people with visual disabilities we recommend Neo Reader.