Choral Books: large, hand-written music books used by church or cathedral choirs throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Coffered:  referring to coffers, or carved cavities in a ceiling or vault.  Coffers are usually arranged in a regular fashion and enriched with decorations.

Column-bearing: italians use the word stiloforo, a term of Greek origin literally meaning “bearer of columns”.

Corbel: a pensile element in stone or marble built into the wall supporting an arch, vault or a lintel.

Corinthian Capital:  a type of capital (an architectural element usually placed on top of a column) decorated with acanthus leaves.

Cosmatesque work: Roman skilled artisans who worked marble. There were many workshops famous for their architectural works, mosaics and marble decorations in ecclesiastical places between the 12th and 14th centuries. The term “Cosmati” is due to the fact that in many works are engraved with the signature “Cosma”.