Cristina Pizarro, Santiago de Chile, 1947

Orion, 2000

Stainless steel

150x110x110 cm

Location: Entrance to the Folcara Campus, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio

This work consists of three identically-shaped elements in stainless steel, harmoniously overlapped and placed on a steel base.  Pure shapes and lines and concave and convex elements conjoin, giving the whole sculpture a dynamic, twisted appearance. These stylistic characteristics are often found in other works by the author, as is the artist’s use of steel.

Steel’s reflective surface emphasizes the relationship between the work and its surrounding environment.  Pizarro’s titles almost always refer to the environment or the sky (as in this case: the constellation of Orion).  This way the viewer is invited to see natural elements abstractly and symbolically reworked in her art.