Jannis Kounellis, Piraeus (Greece), 1936 – Rome (Italy), 2017

Untitled (The Well), 2006

Bitumen, stone, iron

100x450x450 cm

Location: University of Cassino and Southern Lazio – Folcara Campus, Entrance

The work is an installation realized in 2006.  It rests in direct contact with the ground of external space at the Folcara University Campus.

The well’s quadrangular structure, which follows the delineated pattern on the ground, has a circular cavity filled with rough, large stones at the center. This structure is entirely covered with bitumen, a dark and shiny material that does not completely absorb natural light but partly reflects it, evoking the well’s depth.

The well, a recurring theme in the artist’s work, assumes a strong symbolic and conceptual value, especially since it is located in a university setting.