Sol LeWitt, Hartford (United States), 1928 – New York (United States), 2007

Four Pillars,1999

Concrete blocks
480x840x120 cm
Location: Departments of Engineering, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio – green area

Owner: University of Cassino and Southern Lazio


This sculpture stands at the center of the Departments of Engineering’s green area, on a slope with an architecturally assorted landscape: the austere abbey up above; the modern, geometric university buildings at the sides and in the background.

To appreciate this piece, it is important to understand the significance of geometric relationships for the artist whose sculpture arises from simple geometric forms and proportions and explores their combinatorial and harmonic possibilities.

The work recalls a four-toothed comb and consists of small concrete blocks whose size determines the sculpture’s proportion for the artist: there are, in fact, a series of arithmetic references to the size of the individual blocks (40 cm wide, 20 cm high and 20 cm deep) and the size of the entire piece.