Umberto Mastroianni, Fontana Liri (Fr, Italy) 1910 – Marino (Rm, Italy) 1998

Study for the Monument to Peace, 1974-1987

Weathering steel

4×3.50×4 m

Location: Piazza XV Febbraio

Owner: Municipality of Cassino


Executed in the early 1980’s, this work is a study for the larger sculpture located on the hillside of Montecassino, near Rocca Janula.

The project for Monument to Peace dates back to 1974, but the sculpture was installed near the Rocca years later, in 1987. When designing this work, the artist considered the natural context and the underlying urban space.

The Monument to Peace is a hymn to life, but aspires to preserve the memory of war’s monstrosity.  The sculpture’s elements open outwards and seem to be expelled from within by an explosion: possibly due to a blown-up grenade or some mighty blossoming.