The portraits

Giuseppe Albano’s talent in portraits can be observed in the heads made in chalk, bronze and terracotta, between the 1920s and the 1960s.

There are numerous portraits of his family, of important fellow citizens, of humble people. Extremely realistic are the Portrait of the Tuscan painter Felice Carena, Giuseppe Albano’s professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, the two Portraits of the poet and writer Luigi Fallacara, depicted at a young and mature age and the Portrait of King Vittorio Emanuele III, commissioned in 1938 by the Ministry of Aviation for the inauguration of the Naval Academy in Florence.

Significant are two portraits exhibited in 1954 at the “Rassegna delle Arti Figurative nel Mezzogiorno” (Festival of Figurative Art in Southern Italy) in Naples: the Portrait of the painter Rocco Caretta and the Portrait of Vincenzo Albano, father of the artist.

Among the portraits of well-known personalities emerges the Portrait of Giovanni Laterza, publisher from Putignano and founder of the homonymous publishing house in Bari.

  1.  Portrait of Angelo Karusio Perrone 1940-1950 ca.


          Cm 60x50x35


  1.  Portrait of Maria Karusio Perrone 1940-1950 ca.


         Cm 64x50x38


  1.  Portrait of the Entrepreneur Cesare Contegiacomo 1962


      Cm 65x75x45


  1. Head of an Elderly Man IV 1930-1940 ca.


        Cm 35x38x24


  1.  Head of an Elderly Man III 1930-1940 ca.


        Cm 20x33x25


  1.  Head of an Elderly Man II 1930-1940 ca.


         Cm 18x33x24