Antonio Gatto, Trebisacce (CS, Italy), 1941

And It Will Never Be Less Than Being There, 2001

Corinthian marble
146x56x250 cm
Location: Entrance – Departments of Engineering, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio

Owner: University of Cassino and Southern Lazio


Two blocks of marble, of equal width and height, have the geometric shape of a staircase; there is an inviting step at the base, four steps and a short landing on top. One of the two blocks is overturned and positioned above the other, forming a nearly compact rectangle. However, the insertion of a crossbeam (i.e. a short, marble beam) between the joining steps prevents the rectangle from locking together. Thanks to this slight elevation, a zigzag-shaped gap runs diagonally between the two blocks.

This subtle mistake suggests that the feeling of symmetry, upon careful analysis, is illusory: the blocks have, in fact, different widths; if they were stuck they would not form a rectangle, but an irregular shape.

The title, which recalls a poetic verse, invites the observer to go beyond the cold, geometric imperfection and to reflect on its meaning.