Museo Facile

Instruments of the Collezione Civica Giuseppe Albano of Putignano 




 Museo Facile seeks to make art collections more direct and accessibile to all audiences through:

Simplified content

Interpretive materials along the way

Easily legible texts

Recorded descriptive guides and videos in Italian Sign Language (LIS)




Museums Facile’s interpretive materials are equipped with QR-Codes to enhance your visit.  With the help of your electronic devices, smartphones or tablets, you can access further audio-visual materials to help you get more out of your visit with:

In-depth texts

Archival photographs

Materials in Italian Sign Language

To access this wider selection of materials with the QR-Code, you can download one of the many, free applications available online.  When you scan the QR-Code, the system will send you directly to the website and its interpretive materials.  For people with visual disabilities we recommend Neo Reader.